Spanish summer camp

Hola Chamos!

ChamosLA is excited to offer Hola Chamos! Spanish Summer Camp! Let Chamito take your child into a Spanish only environment.


Our chamos will learn or practice Spanish in a fun and engaging way through experiential learning or role playing (including dressing up!) as the main activity each day.
Children will learn or practice about regular activities that will improve their confidence when using their Spanish. They will learn the essentials about going abroad in an airplane, or ordering food at a restaurant. They will learn about their favorite animal by being Zoo keepers, or the parts of the body by being doctors! Additionally, games such as bingo, daily crafts, music and physical outdoor activities (Tag with a twist) are included to reinforce the main subject.We will have the Chamos Cup! Each group will accumulate points during the week by completing activities, working as a team, helping others, and more... By the end of the week the group with more points will win the trophy!
All communications will be in Spanish, but if they need to use English they will have to go to the "Circulo ingles" (English circle), but this may take points from their team!
Did we mention we will build a piñata to be broken on Friday during the closing ceremony?We will match each child's need by tailoring our camp to them. We will group our chamos by age and proficiency. This will provide an enriching environment for them to learn within.
A day at our camp will be like no other! Each day children will engage in every game and activity while learning without noticing! We love helping children embrace a second language. Let us help you to provide your child with the added benefits that learning a new language brings while having fun during the summer.

Our Sessions

Our classes are available to students starting from rising Kindergarten to rising 6th grade.

Holy Family Catholic Church


July 9th – July 13th
Half day
July 16th – July 20th
half day

Due to maintenance to their building there will not be June sessions at Holy Family Catholic Church. July sessions are now limited! Reserve your spot for $20 that will go toward your tuition.

Summer Sessions
9:00am – 1:00pm
$198 Child
$188 Siblings
$188 Current Students
*Morning Snack Included

San Jose Episcopal Day School


June 4th – June 8th

Please visit to more details on registration and payments.

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Role Play

  • Role Plays
  • Dressing Up!


  • Bingo
  • Hot Potato
  • Matching Games


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